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  • Lancotek shield FP-300

    120.00 $

    FP-300: Floor Panel model. Mainly as divider between tables. We have three versions for this application including 30”(FP300-30) 36” (FP300-36) and 40” (FP300-40)

  • Lancotek shield TN-200

    80.00 $

    TN-200: Table Top Nail. This product is fear for nail salons and other applications,  35”x28”x 5” gap.

  • Lancotek Shields  TR-100

    60.00 $

    TR-100: TR100-26 is for Table Restaurant. We design a narrower size for restaurant tables 26”x28” -5” gap. TR100-24 is the model with  24” width for narrower tables.

  • Suremeal Beauty

    120.00 $

    $120+tax /box

  • Suremeal – Vital

    160.00 $

    160+tax /box

  • Cordyceps 950

    20.00 $

Our mission at LeSean Canada is to create products that promote your health and natural beauty.

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